• When registrations exceed 80 players, preference will be given 1st to those players who are not registered in any other organized hockey programs and 2nd to players who have played DRHL JR or Family Fun hockey in previous seasons.

  • All players are required to wear full hockey equipment of good fit and condition; helmet with full face shield/cage, neck guard, shoulder pads, hockey pants, athletic supporter, shin pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves, mouth guard and skates.

  • The season will begin with practices where players will be observed and evaluated. This is done to evenly distribute players based on age, skill and experience. There may be a need to shuffle players mid season (deadline of December 31st) if it is deemed necessary to ensure teams are reasonably level in skill.

  • Individual families are responsible for providing adequate personal accident and/or liability insurance for their participating players.


Please download, print, sign and bring this waiver along with you to the first practice. 

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